Healthy Streets Alliance Auckland advocates for healthy, liveable and sustainable streets in Aotearoa.

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Who we are: 

The Healthy Streets Alliance Auckland advocates for cities that are healthy through enabling walking, cycling and public transport. We believe designing our streets around health, improves not only mental and physical health, but also inclusive, safe and environmentally friendly places. 


Why we advocate for beautiful street design that enables walking, cycling, public transport: 

  • Enabling physical activity is important to our health sector, and a daily active commute can be the best way to get regular activity.


  • Enabling walking, cycling and public transport is one of the best ways to tackle our leading health issues in Aotearoa. Doctors may cure diseases, but a quality transport system can prevent it. 

  • We believe that the management of motorised transport and the land use type it promotes is key to addressing the negative health impacts on our urban realm.


  • The same elements that make streets physically healthy for people are the same elements that make streets good for mental health and bring economic and environmental vibrancy. 




Elements that enable walking, cycling and public transport:

  • Reducing traffic speeds and volumes 

  • Valuing place and proximity over travel time to the centre 

  • Providing separate transport mode infrastructure where traffic speeds and volumes are a barrier  


Why is public transport important to healthy streets?

  • Travel by public transport is also good for the first and last mile due to the fact that the trip usually ends with a 5 minute walk to the final destination from the transit stop. 

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